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me and my ex boyfriend broke up seven months ago and i still like him although when we broke up we started to date again and then he had sex with another girl.. he has also had sex with three other girls since the break up. and now he is having sex with a friend of mine from my science class, me and her aren't close but i have helped her through her break up and now she is doing this, she doesn't know i like him and i don't want to tell her. do you think he still likes me? i don't know what 2 do

awe okay well maybe he’s just having sex with the other girls to try get over/forget you that could be a possibility, you could always ask him whats going on, and tell him how you feel , or tell the girl from your science class your history with him, and how you feel about him and hopefully she’ll back off
hope this helps tell me how everything turns out !